Welcome to Civil Engineering


The Department of Civil Engineering came into existence since the inception of the institute in October 1965. The Department offers Three Years Diploma Programmes in Civil Engineering with an intake of 60 students. Diploma holders in Civil Engineering from the Institute have a good blend of theory and practical knowledge and are recognized for the purpose of recruitment to all subordinates posts and services under the State Government departments, State Government undertakings, Central Government departments, Central Government undertakings and other Public Sector and Private Sector companies in the country. Diploma holders in Civil Engineering from this Institute are also eligible for undergoing Bachelor of Engineering/Technology courses offered in different Institutes of the country.

Department Course

Offer 3 years Diploma in Civil Engineering (Intake Capacity60 seats)

Department Mission

  1. To impart to admitted students Civil Engineering education and knowledge in contemporary science and technologies so that they can meet practical challenges of Civil Engineering problems.
  2. To train and equip the admitted students with knowledge of latest design codes and design philosophy.

Department Vision

The vision of the Department of Civil Engineering is to achieve unique identity by development of knowledge resources and highly competent Civil Engineers in various fields of Civil Engineering to meet local, national, and global economic and social needs.

Department Programme Educational Objective