To become Centre of Excellence in the field of Technical Education and Emerging Areas of Engineering.
Physics Lab
Electronics Lab
Computer Lab
Mechanical Lab 1
Civil Lab 2
Electrical Lab
Civil Lab
Chemistry Lab
Engineering Drawing Room

Civil Engineering Department

  1. Soil mechanics Lab
  2. Highway and Material Testing Lab
  3. Environmental Lab
  4. Hydraulics Lab
  5. Survey Practice

Electrical Engineering Department

  1. Electrical Measurement Laboratory
  2. Electrical Machine Laboratory
  3. Electrical Circuit Laboratory

Mechanical Engineering Department

  1. Thermal Engineering Laboratory
  2. Mechanics of Materials Laboratory
  3. Fluid Machinery Laboratory
  4. Automobile Engineering Laboratory Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Laboratory
  5. Computer, CAD/CAM and Mechatronics Laboratory
  6. Machine Shop
  7. Foundry Shop
  8. Fitting Shop Carpentry Shop
  9. Welding Shop
  10. Electrical Shop
  11. Smithy Shop
  12. Pattern Making Shop

Electronics & Communication Engineering Department

  1. Electronics Devices and Circuit Lab
  2. Communication Engineering Lab
  3. Electronics Measurement Lab
  4. Fiber Optics Lab
  5. Industrial Electronics & Instrumentation Lab
  6. Consumer Electronics Lab

Computer Science & Engineering Department

  1. General Computing Laboratory
  2. Multimedia Laboratory
  3. E-learning Classroom Cum IT Laboratory
  4. Microprocessor & Digital Laboratory
  5. System & Networking Laboratory