Shillong Polytechnic Library

Shillong Polytechnic Library

 It comprises of various quantities of books keeping up with the needs of the students of different Engineering branches of the Institute. The Institute continues to take all necessary steps and measures to help the student get all the books from the library except for where there is shortage of supply. Student use the Library regularly for completing their assignments and preparing for the examination.

The Shillong Polytechnic Library has till now received up to around 1700 (One thousand seven hundred) books for different Engineering branches with a cost of around 7,85,000(Seven lakhs eighty-five thousand) approximately. Apart from Engineering books, the Shillong Polytechnic library has many books related to Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, etc.

The Library also comprises books such as Reference books, Engineering Handbooks, Encyclopedias, Novels, Servicing Manuals and Layout of different Electronics items, CD ROMs on National Geographic etc.

The library has 10 nos. of computers and it was fully automated.

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